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<title>Contact Verification Suspension Page</title>




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<h1>This domain has been suspended due to non-completion of an ICANN-mandated contact verification.</h1>

<p>As part of the ongoing effort to improve contact quality, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires validation for each registrant contact registering a generic TLD. This is required since January 1, 2014 for all gTLDs.</p>

<p class="bold">If the domain registrant’s email address is not verified by the registrant, the domain must be suspended.</p>





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<h2>Why has this domain been suspended?</h2>

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<p>One of these reasons may apply:</p>

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<li><i class="fa fa-play"></i><span class="bold">This is a new domain registration and the registrant’s email address has not been verified yet.</span>

This domain has been newly registered and the email address of the registrant has not been verified yet.</li>

<li><i class="fa fa-play"></i><span class="bold">The email address of the domain registrant has been modified or changed but not verified yet.</span>

Changing the email address of the domain registrant requires a verification.</li>

<li><i class="fa fa-play"></i><span class="bold">The domain has recently been transferred and the domain registrant’s email address has not yet been verified at the new registrar.</span>

ICANN registrars are required by policy to verify domain registrant’s email addresses, even after incoming transfers.</li>

<li><i class="fa fa-play"></i><span class="bold">Someone has complained about the accuracy of the data provided for publication in the WHOIS, triggering a re-verification of the email address of the domain registrant but the address has not been verified yet.</span>

Any reasonable complaint regarding whois accuracy triggers a requirement for the registrar to re-verify the email address.</li>


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